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It is so important to feel comfortable in your own skin. I believe fashion is an amazing way to express yourself. But, it’s also a way you can feel more confident. The journey to confidence looks different for everyone and involves various pieces that may not work on everyone.

When I as in college, I realized how the clothes I wore really affected the way I felt. If I spent days in leggings and t-shirts, I started to be as productive as my outfit looked. When I was wearing an outfit that didn’t fit me properly, I didn’t feel comfortable in, or I felt I looked bad in, it affected my mood and how I interacted with others.

Now, I absolutely love making people feel the best that they can. I don’t think anyone should feel less than because of the clothes that they’re wearing. There are simple tricks and simple pieces you can apply and wear that make an outfit great and make you look amazing with little effort.

To check out my tricks, take a look at my Drab to Fab series. I take a simple outfit and dress it up and make it more flattering with simple tricks and pieces in everyone’s closet.

To shop by bodytype, click your body type below.

Athletic – This body type is muscular and slim. It can be dressed similarly to the rectangular body type as well. (Think Cameron Diaz or Gwyneth Paltrow.)

Hourglass – This body type is very commonly referred to. One with this type typically has a larger chest, a small waist, and larger hips. (Think Kylie Jenner.)

Inverted Triangle – (or Apple) is typically someone with a larger chest or shoulders compared to their lower half. (Think Tyra Banks or Kate Middleton.)

Pear – This person is usually larger on the bottom than they are on the top. (Think Beyonce.)

Rectangle – This shape is very similar to the athletic build. But, in my mind, it’s a little bit less wirey and muscular. (Think Natalie Portman.)