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My Expensive Product Wishlist

Does anyone else motivate themselves to reach their financial goals by bribing themselves with products that are currently a little pricey? As I’m starting my career, I’m using this method to keep my motivation up. I have a whole list of things that I need (more like want … but I always forget most things aren’t necessities when I have my credit card in my hand). Below are just a few of my favorites from my list.

Celine Bag

Who hasn’t always wanted one of these? This bag is such a classic and seems so versatile. It is literally the perfect purse for work and traveling. You can wear it with leggings and still somehow pull of a semiprofessional, structured look.

Sarah Flint Pumps

I’ve heard such amazing things about these shoes. Apparently they are extremely comfortable and can pretty much be worn all day. They’re very high quality and are madewith fit in mind. I’m definitely not one to spend the day in heels. But, as I’m entering the professional world, I unquestionably see myself sacrificing my comfort for a bit of ensemble professionalism. These are a must in the next year or two.


Previously, I’ve gotten a new laptop every couple of years as I was transitioning to different phases of school and a new laptop was just something I needed to meet my educational needs. But, I’ve had my current laptop for about 5 years now and it’s definitely beginning to show some wear and tear. As I’m saving more money, this product is definitely on the list. I’m mainly looking for something with more storage.

Diamond Earrings

I have never been one to wear fake diamond (or any stone for that matter) earrings. It’s definitely on my list to get genuine diamond earrings. I think they are so effortlessly classic and this accessory is such a simple way to add a bit of elegance to even the shabbiest of outfits.

Bvlgari Candle

This product isn’t too out of my price range. But, I would say, right now, it would be a little cray for me to spend $100 on a candle. So, I’ve added it to my list.

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