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Day One: Working From Home

As with many companies recently, my company has announced that we can work from home if we would like to. Since I was given this option, I decided to do my civic duty and work from home. If you’re on the fence, here are a few articles about our need to social distanceand how bad it can get if we don’t.

Since starting to WFH, I’ve been making an effort to keep my routine. Normally, I wake up super early and hit the gym for a 5AM class. But, with the gym closed, I’ve cut this portion of my routine and pasted it at the end of my day, working out at home. I still usually end my day around the same time, even with the addition of working out in the later hours, because of the time I’m saving without the need for transportation.

In an effort to stay productive, I’ve been getting ready everyday like I normally would, albeit with some comfier clothes (haven’t put jeans on since I started WFH). So, if anyone’s trying to do the same and is always looking for ideas like I am, I’ll be compiling some of my outfits (also in an effort to hold myself accountable and to not just let myself fall into slop kabobedness).

Today, I went for something super cozy since it’s pretty chilly out. I’ve found myself choosing the cozier options these days even when it’s slightly warmer out just because it’s comfier.

Sweater: Free People

Leggings: Target

Shoes: Taryn Rose

(Just an FYI: The Free People sweater is advertised as a dress on Revolve’s site. However, it is nowhere near dress length. I was super excited to get in a cute turtleneck dress. But, alas, this is what was delivered. I’m 5’3” and it hits super high.)

This outfit is SUPER simple yet still looks fairly put together. I love a good turtleneck/cowlneck and this is kind of a mesh of the two. The neckline is very sophisticated and I can see myself wearing this sweater with some white jeans once it gets closer to Spring but it’s still a little chilly out. But, to keep it comfy, I went with leggings today (you’ll be seeing a lot of leggings over the next couple days ;)).

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