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Life in NYC: Transitioning to the City

Moving to NYC has been a dream of mine since I was young. I had a little over a week between moving in and when my training for work started. Coincidentally, my roommates were out of town during this week. So, I had my apartment all to myself. I really had the best transition to the city because I also didn’t have to adjust to living with strangers at the same time.

DAY 1 // I met up with my family who currently live in the city. They had planned the best day for us. We checked out Central Park and Columbus Circle. We then went to dinner at The Smith and had drinks and some yummy food. Seeing these places made me so excited to explore when Corona is no longer an issue.

DAY 2 // I explored the neighborhood a little bit more. I wanted to find some cool restaurants and activities that were around me. I had a pretty chill day and got a cookie from Levain (which is right around the corner from me so, yes, I will be getting fat while I life here. 😂 😭) and sat and read in Central Park. I then made a deal with myself that I could get poke if I walked the 20 minutes there and back to get it. This was meant to deter myself in an effort to save money. But, I actually love getting my steps in and wanted to see more of the neighborhood.

DAY 3 // Today, I spent some time, again, exploring the neighborhood. I found a bagel place right across the street from me (see above on my comment about getting large and in charge). I then went on a run, exploring the park near me. It was awesome because it has a small track that is ideal for someone getting into running.

DAY 4 // I didn’t have anything planned for today so I decided to walk to Columbus circle. I really loved that area and wanted to scope it out a little bit more. I ended the day with a FT with my friends from college and ordering an empanada from Dulceria, which is right down the street from me.

DAY 5 // Today I met up with some people in my program. I was so excited to finally get to know some people in the city. We went to Pier i Cafe. It was in a gorgeous area and you literally have to walk to a park to get there. It was perfect to have a fun, socially distant dinner. This was my first time using public transportation in the city. I found it super easy.

DAY 6 // I spent the day with my family at their house. The fact that I have family in the area really made my transition to the city much better.

DAY 7 // I spent another day in central park reading. But, I ended this day by going to someone in my program’s roof and, again, getting to know people in my program while also going socially distant.

DAY 8 // I started training and spent most of the day inside, on the computer. Because of that, I went on a run in my new favorite spot and then checked to see if we have an accessible rooftop on my building. I would say our roof is quasi-accessible in that you can definitely get up there but you might die doing so. But, it’s nice to know it’s there anytime I need some outdoor and alone time.

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