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Sunday Shopping 5/19

I’ve been really into hair accessories lately. I think they look so summery and bring a pop to a normally bland outfit.

Hair Accessories

These days have been rough outfitwise, simply because I rarely leave my house. Because of that, I haven’t been putting too much effort into what I’m wearing. So, while browsing, I came upon a few accessories that I can just pop on and step my outfit up a few notches.

Scarf PonyBarretteHeadband

Button Downs

My shopping lately has all been about comfort. I really love the classic look of a button down and I’m loving these because they have a more modern, comfortable take. It also doesn’t look too sloppy on Zoom calls.

Daydream Button-down / Sleep Shirt


I have just recently gotten back into jeans. I was a leggings gal for quite a while but love the structure and classicness of jeans. My only problem when shopping for denim is that I need them to be petite, especially for the look I’m going for, which is structured and ankle length. I don’t even look at a pair of jeans unless they offer petit sizes because I don’t want to fall in love with a pair that will never look right on me.

I’ve recently been on the hunt for a pair of classic blue jeans, a pair of trendier straight leg jeans, and a pair of mom jeans. Nordstrom is the bomb for jeans because the offer multiple brands and styles in a range of sizes.

Classic JeansStraight Leg JeansMom Jeans

In an effort to bring more Spring into my wardrobe, I’ve had my eye on some floral/patterned pieces that I could easily integrate into my wardrobe. My biggest rule when shopping (see my other rules here) is that I need to be able to create at least three outfits with that piece and other items I already own. Patterns are my absolute favorite to shop for because they easily fit into this rule. I can simply pair a crazy print with something simple like a solid tanktop or sweater.

Floral SkirtPatterned SkirtFloral Tulle Skirt

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