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Prepping For My Move to NYC.

I’ll be moving to New York at the end of this month and have been stocking up on some of my necessities as well as grabbing a few things that are needed when I move away from home. I’m buying these now because 1.) I live in Delaware and we have tax free shopping. This includes items we have shipped. I’ll need to save as much as I can because I’ll be spending the next year volunteering in the one of the world’s most expensive cities. 2.) I’m not completely sure how receiving packages will be in my new apartment building. I’m a little wary of getting items stolen and would much rather order the things that I need now and have more time to get the lay of the land once I get these. And, 3.) as I said before, I’m spending a year volunteering so I won’t have much disposable income. While I have my next couple paychecks still coming in from my last few weeks in my previous position, I’m picking up some of the more expensive pieces of clothes I’ve had my eyes on for a little while.

Going Out Clothes

I love dresses when I’m going out because they’re so easy. They can be dressed up or dressed down and look a lot fancier than they feel.

1.    Mini Dress – I kind of love the tackiness of this dress. It’s super trendy and – although, for most of my wardrobe, I tend to lean towards classic pieces – I love some trendy ensembles for nights on the town.

2.    Ruffle Dress – This dress is so cute and adorable. I can see matching this with a pair of white sneakers or a lace up pair of heels to dress it up.

3.    Slip Dress – This piece is so effortless and goes with a lot of accessories I already have. Again, this one can also be dressed up or dressed down.

Everyday Outfits

1.    Baby Doll Dress – I think it’s super important to add unique colors into your wardrobe. This dress seems so easy and comfortable. I’m always on the hunt for throw-on products that don’t look as relaxed as they feel.

2.    Tuckernuck Polo Dress – Like what???? This dress is so cute and flattering. I love the vintage look.

3.    White Shorts – I surprisingly do not yet have a pair of white shorts in my wardrobe. I came across these and love the length. I’m a little bit shorter so I’m hoping these will fall slightly lower on my than they do the model.

Professional Pieces

When looking for professional pieces, I really try to put together unique ensembles that allow me to always carry my personal style through every aspect of my life, specifically my professional life. 

1.    Zac Zac Posen Flats – I love the classicness of these shoes. A good tan flat is always a wardrobe staple and these are adorable.

2.    Satin Midi Skirt – I’m absolutely obsessed with the color of this skirt. I’ve been looking for a good midi to add to my wardrobe. The satin is perfect because it can be worn in the summer but also warmed up with a chunky sweater and some laced up flats.

3.    Collared Mini Dress – The slight uniqueness of this dress is really what stuck out to me. I never want to dress traditionally professionally. In the Fall, this would look cute with the Zac Posen flats.


My makeup routine has transformed into my doing the absolute bare minimum. I’ve basically just been concealing and adding blush, eyebrows, and mascara.

1.    BareMinerals Original Foundation – I love this clean foundation because it blends so well into my skin. I really just use it for concealing around my nose and under my eyes. While wearing this foundation, I also never feel bad when I have my workout at the end of the day as opposed to in the morning before I put on my makeup.

2.    Glossier Boy Brow – I love this brow filler also because it’s super natural looking. It’s def a staple in my beauty routine.

3.    Glossier Mascara – I’ve never tried this mascara before but have heard amazing things. I HATE clumpy mascara and am looking forward to see if this lives up to the hype.


1.    True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil – I’ve heard amazing things about this oil and am loving it so far. It is SUPER moisturizing and I’m loving how it’s making my skin look smooth and flawless. Although being extremely moisturizing, it hasn’t made me breakout at all.

2.    Vegamour Lash Volumizing Serum – I have yet to see the effects of this product so I’m continuing with the regime. But, I’ve heard awesome things and am looking forward to seeing the results.

3.    DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Cleanser – This is a SUPER CHEAP cleanser and I absolutely love it. I have combination skin and this has never made me breakout. Although doing this, it also never dries me out and leaves my skin moisturized and clean.

Hair Care

I’m obsessed with LUSH products for my hair. I’ve had the hardest time keeping my hair oil free since I was in middle school. I recently started washing it less, which really doesn’t help this problem. Since then, I’ve relied on LUSH to provide natural products to keep my hair looking and feeling clean.

1.    BIG Shampoo – This is my all-time favorite LUSH product. It smells SO AMAZING and really cleans my hair. My hair is so soft and feels so fresh after washing with this. I can usually go about three days between washes after using this poo.

2.    Honey Shampoo – I haven’t tried this perfume yet but the reviews look amazing. I haven’t been disappointed with a LUSH product yet so I’m excited to try this one.

3.    Dry Shampoo – This dry shampoo is the best I’ve ever tried. It smells so clean and it’s very refreshing.

Random Necessities

1.    Calpak Suitcase – As I’ll be moving away from home, I’m adding a suitcase to my list. I liked this one because it was a neutral color and has four wheels.

2.    Olly Vitamins – I’m absolutely obsessed with Olly’s vitamins. They actually make me look forward to taking my vitamins as opposed to dreading the nausea inducing pills I used to take. As I’m heading into my mid-twenties, I’ve been trying to add more collagen into my diet. These collagen rings arean awesome way to do that (I also add a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagento my protein shakes every day). I have the hardest time getting to sleep at night. I came across these Bedtime Beauty Gummiesa couple months ago and absolutely loved their ability to help me fall asleep and their skin benefits.  Olly’s Women’s Multi-Vitaminswere the first Olly product that I came across a couple years ago and they’ve been a part of my routine ever since.

3.    Gainful Protein Powder – I just recently came across this brand of protein powder and have been loving it. It’s a really cool concept that allows you to fill out a survey to help them assess your needs and develop a personalized protein powder. The product comes unflavored, not marrying you to the specific flavor that would normally come with your formula from other protein powder brands. You can then buy additional flavor packets.

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