This weekend, my friends and I went to go see G-Eazy at the Trocadero Theatre.

(Runaround Sue – G-Eazy)

Runaround Sue was the first song I heard from G-Eazy. My roommate showed me him and I instantly fell in love. First of all, I absolutely love Runaround Sue by Dion. Of course, I then absolutely loved this song when I first heard it. I love remixes of old songs like Good Feeling by Flo Rida (which remixes part of Etta James’ Something’s Got a Hold of Me) and Break Your Heart Right Back by Ariana Grande (which includes part of Diana Ross’ I’m Coming Out).

On the day of the concert, we left our rooms at 3:30 to catch the 3:55 train to get into the city by 4:30. We wanted to just relax and get something to eat and not have to rush in order to get to the concert in time. We ended up going to Olympia Gyro in Reading Terminal Market, which was DELICIOUS. I had a Gyro and some Baklava.

Once we were done eating, we wanted to find the theatre so we knew how long it would take us to get there so we could get a good spot in line. We weren’t planning on standing in line but when we got to the venue at around 5:15 (the concert started at 7:30), there were so many people already in line. We decided to just wait although it was freezing.

I don’t know why, but I decided to wear heels that night, so as I’m standing on the sidewalk in my socks, I realize people are throwing up around us. I immediately put my shoes back on.


Once we got into the theatre, people started pushing and screaming. We were pretty close to the front so we were very cramped but it was super exciting. After TWO HOURS of openers, he finally came out. He was really good but it was so hot, my feet were hurting (which meant my back was hurting), and sweaty people were all around me.

At one point I seriously thought I needed to sit down because I thought I was going to faint. A few fights broke out during the concert and I questioned whether we would make it out alive. But, towards the end he played his two most famous songs, Loaded and I Mean It. They were so good!


I Mean It:

Overall, it was actually a really, really fun night. We saw a lot of interesting people (VERY INTERESTING PEOPLE) and a lot of rude people. It was a Sunday, so when we came back we had to get back into school mode, but we were too pumped. It was really hard to stop singing his songs and get ready to go to bed.

The only problem I have with concerts are you get so excited for them and then when they’re over, you have nothing to look forward to. It’s so depressing. But, that just means we have to go see him again.

My favorite G-Eazy song (and music video):

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