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Finance Friday – First Full Week: How My Budget has Held Up

Much like my fitness routine when I moved to Disney, it hasn’t. 😂

Moving is always a difficult time on the wallet. You realize things you still need for your apartment, items you need for work, pieces of clothing you need to feel comfortable in your new climate or lifestyle.

For me, the first thing really tripped me up. June Homes is awesome and provides a TON of things for the apartment. You do not need to bring linens (towels and sheets), furniture, cleaning supplies, dishes, and basic cooking utensils. However, I’ve had to order a lot of niche items that are not considered “basic”. Evidently, my Target bill has been insane. 😂

These first couple weeks are somewhat weird because I have not yet received a paycheck. So, I’m dipping into my savings for now.

Apartment – Planned Budget $1300/Month

But, on the flip side of that, I’ve already paid for my apartment this month. So, I don’t need to take that large of a chunk out of my savings for this portion of my budget. However, I’ve bought a lot for my apartment that is basically replacing the amount of money I would have spent on rent this month.

For example, I’ve bought new pots and pans.

The dishes and cooking utensils were absolutely disgusting when I moved in. I am currently living in a three bedroom and when I moved in, no one was actively living here. A lot of the dishes had food crusted on them from weeks ago before people had moved out. Because of this and because people often have different standards of cleanliness (which is totally understandable), I thought it might just be easier to buy my own supplies and use them for myself.

Various Utensils

With my point above, I also bought my own set of knives. I also added a vegetable peeler, cutting board, wine glasses, spice rack, measuring cups, fruit basket, and (because I’m obsessed with poached eggs) a perforated spoon. These are all items that did not come with the kitchen, which is completely understandable because June Homes only provides basic necessities.

Organizational Tools

I’m a freak and absolutely love to organize. So, I bought a TON of organizing supplies. This includes command hooks, jewelry organizers, back of door hooks, and baskets for my closet and my room.

Miscellaneous Supplies

I wanted to make my room a little cozier. So, I bought another pillow (they provided me with one), a pretty pillow case, and a cozy blanket. My apartment building opens with an app on my phone. So, I bought a couple portable chargers as well to bring with me on long days out. I absolutely love this tortoise shell one that Target sells.

Still Need …

My room is VERY dark. It has no sunlight and is painted a pretty dark color. So, I’m thinking about adding a few lamps. I’ve been checking out a floor lamp and a desk lamp. I’ve heard Americorp City Year members have a super insane schedule. If we were in normal times, I would probably not put too much effort into the ambiance of my room. But, since it’s possible I may be working from home for a while, I may invest in some lighting options. I’m holding out on ordering, though, until we find out if NYC schools are going back to school this year.

Groceries – Planned Budget $300/Month

I planned on spending a pretty big chunk of my paycheck on groceries. I went grocery shopping before moving here and brought a lot of produce and dry goods with me. I just bought my first set of groceries since being here yesterday. I spent about $75, which was right on budget. I’ll try to keep myself on this budget but it really wasn’t that hard to stay on point.

I’m planning on using Amazon to deliver Whole Foods to my door. This has been awesome because (I don’t know about you, but I RARELY pay attention to prices while I’m in a physical grocery store) I’m able to check the prices and find cheaper items. This also allows me to better meal plan and add items to my cart as I think of them.

Transportation – Planned Budget $3/Day 

I really haven’t gone anywhere yet except to explore. So, when I first got here, I bought a $30 metro card. I haven’t used it up yet. I’ve been trying to walk as much as I can to avoid close spaces with people (#rona) and to also see as much of the city as I can. Once I start consistently traveling (to work and activities) (hopefully soon!), I’ll get a better at budgeting this area of my income.

If you want to take a look at what I’ve been doing so far, take a look at my latest post.

Caffeine Fix – Planned Budget $5/Week

Yikes! Any money I haven’t spent on transportation has gone to Starbucks, Dunkin, and other coffee shops around the neighborhood. I definitely haven’t stuck to this budget. The main reason is because I haven’t figured out how to use the Nespresso that comes with the apartment. Once I get into more of a routine (most likely next week), I’ll stop getting my coffee and tea out and start getting my caffeine fixes at home.

Fun Activities – Planned Budget $100/Month

I, again, haven’t done much so far so I haven’t spent a ton of money. However, I’ve spent a good chunk of money on food. I ordered out quite a bit while I was here for my first week. I wanted to explore the neighborhood and try different things near me.

But, I want to avoid this becoming a chapter that I’m anticipating to close once this program is over. For example, in college, Disney, and England, I had the YOLO mentality. I didn’t save much money, I ate whatever I wanted, and went wherever I wanted.

Moving to NYC, for me, is the start of a new chapter. However, I don’t anticipate leaving soon. I have a lot of time to try new foods and explore restaurants and bars around me. So, I’m going to start getting into a more normal routine in which I eat better and save money.

Savings – Planned Budget $100/Month

Like I said before, I have not yet received a paycheck so I have not been able to contribute to my savings account yet. But, I’ve just recently submitted my direct deposit forms and have this going into my account automatically. It’s just up to me to keep it in there. 😂

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