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Taking a Trip Home

I have been home twice so far during my program and they both have left me refreshed and excited to go back to work and, more importantly, warm weather. I am originally from Delaware and am able to experience fall when I go home, which has been nice. I also have siblings who are much younger than I am and it is wonderful to come home and visit with them. I try to stay as present in their lives as possible.

This trip was very difficult to plan because I was trying to get all of my days off in a row. My location has a lot of rules when it comes to CPs and switching and giving away shifts. Hollywood and Vine does not allow CPs to give away shifts. This means that any shift that you cannot switch, and you are not able to go to for an important reason, you must call out. By doing this, you will get a point. If you get three points in 30 days, you will get a reprimand and it goes on your record.

As someone who is looking to do a professional internship with Disney, I do not want many points on my record. However, in this situation, I was under the impression that I could switch my shift away and I would not have to call out, so I bought my plane ticket. I learned after purchasing it that, at my location, you are not allowed to switch between weeks because Disney pays you weekly. So, even though I wanted to switch for my day off on Thursday to have off on Sunday, I was not able to do so.

Because my ticket was already purchased and I felt that this trip was really needed because I hadn’t seen my family in a while, I decided to call out on Sunday. I would not have planned the trip if I was aware that I would need to call out.

This trip, my second time home, was a little bit more eventful than my past trip with a visit to the ER. But, other than that, I was able to relax and spend time with my family and help out with my little siblings.

When I got home on Friday after a very turbulent flight, we ordered soul food and got into The Romanovs on Amazon Prime (which is my new obsession because IT. IS. AMAZING.). It was a very relaxing way to start my VK.

On Saturday, my siblings and I went to Starbucks and got Red Cups! I got to eat cake pops and talk to them about what was going on in their lives.

After her cross country meet, my sister was rushed to the ER. I was glad I was home to take care of my younger siblings while my parents were with her. We ordered sushi and watched Christmas movies until my sister was given the OK to come home. It was definitely scary but I was really happy that this was the weekend that I came home so that I could keep my little siblings’ minds off of the situation, help where I could, and be with my sister when she wasn’t feeling well.

The next day, we celebrated my sister’s good health by going to brunch at the country club my parents belong to and relaxing some more. We ended the night by roasting marshmallows, scarfing down a huge cheese plate, and eating our fish and polenta while watching Grown Ups, a movie we all haven’t seen in a while.

I hadn’t thought too much about the timing of my trip home when I booked it, other than it was during my days off. But, I didn’t have too much to do on Monday and Tuesday because all of my siblings were at school.

I ended up spending most of Monday in the car with my mom, dropping kids off to school, picking them up and taking them to doctors’ appointments, dropping them back off at school, and picking them up again once the day was over. I realized how crazy my mom’s life is and I don’t know how she gets any work done on top of all of that.

On Tuesday, I dropped my siblings off at school and relaxed at home for a few hours with my mom.

My last breakfast at home — ignore how buttery my bagel is! I try to treat myself when I go home and I went all out for my last meal!

I then went to my sister’s school for lunch. She’s in second grade and she took me to her book fair while I was there. I was able to say goodbye to her and my brother at their school because they wouldn’t be home before I had to leave for my flight later that day. I won’t see them until Christmas time, and that is if I get any time off.

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