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How to Style Christmas Sweaters so They’re Not So Cheesy.

Christmas sweaters are usually ALWAYS cheesy. But, there are ways to style them so that they don’t overwhelm you with their cheesiness. As it’s the week before Christmas, I’ve been brainstorming outfits that I can wear this week that aren’t too in your face, but still festive.

Sweater: Modcloth

Jeans: Old Loft

Shoes: Supergas

This Modcloth sweater is so comfy and chunky. And I love the modern twist on a classic concept. For this outfit, I was inspired by the structure of the sweater and kept the styling low key. These are some old Loft jeans. But, pretty much all Loft jeans are super soft, comfy, and flexible. The feel of these jeans really emphasizes the longiness of this outfit.

Sweater: Old ASOS

Leggings: Loft

Shoes: Old Taryn Rose / SimilarSimilar

This is an old sweater from ASOS but it’s definitely one of my favorites. I also love a full navy outfit. I think it’s super classic, even though it’s just leggings. Having a super pared down outfit also kind of diminishes the cheesiness of the sweater.

Sweater: Boden

Skirt: Old Loft

Boots: Gap

This has become my all-time favorite Christmas sweaters. It is so festive (and cheesy) but not so in your face about it. I also love the colors and the girly twist on a classic color scheme. But, honestly, Bodenliterally cannot make anything that I don’t immediately love.

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