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Coworker Holiday Presents.

If you’re looking for a little holiday present for coworkers or friends that is inexpensive and fairly easy, look no further.

I just made these and they took pretty much all of my Saturday. But, I think they turned out pretty cute and it ended up being a fun, Christmas movie, cookie-making, festive day.

I made three types of cookies to put into the bags and added a homemade chocolate as well. I started by making the cutouts because the dough needs to be in the fridge for at least an hour and they need to completely cool before you can ice them. You can find the recipe here. I then made Peanut Butter Blossomsbecause they were highly requested by my coworkers (and my family). I moved on to what my family and I call Italian Wedding Cookies. But, I think the rest of the world calls them Ricotta Cookies. You can find a super similar recipe here.

To create the finished product, I either tied a hot chocolate packet (I used Trader Joe’s brand because I thought it looked a little bit more festive) to the top with a gift tag or put a hot chocolate packet and a handful of marshmallows in a little festive drawstring bag.

I wouldn’t say these bags were exactly throw together. But, they were definitely a hit and I think they came out pretty cute!

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