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Christmas Sweaters SZN

November is over (btw, HOW?!?!?!) and it is officially, uncontroversially, Christmas Season! Who doesn’t love this time of year? One of my favorite things to do around this time is a Christmas sweater haul. I love to see all of the classic patterns and the trendy new twists designers put on their knits. This is also a lot more fun this year because I’m planning on doing Christmas sweaters every day at work the week before Christmas. So, this shopping isn’t just window.

This sweater is so classic. I was watching Home Alone, which came out in 1990, and a woman in the movie has a very similar sweater. And, although she wasn’t supposed to be the most fashionable character, this sweater style literally never goes out of style.

I love this Amazon find because when looking at it closely, it is so obviously a Christmas sweater. But, when you look at it quickly, it can be mistaken for just a normal sweater. Doesn’t it just look like something Kevin McCallister would wear? It’s also super cheap for a knit.

This knit is definitely the least cheesy, I think. When I think Christmas sweater, I think this. And I love the classicness of it.

Who couldn’t love something from Modcloth? Their pieces are so unique and intricately detailed. If you’re looking for something unique, Modcloth is your one stop shop. 

Like what?!?!? This sweater is everything I want in a Christmas sweater. It’s simple but it is so obviously Christmas. I’m in love with Boden for many reasons, mainly the insanely fun patterns and designs. But, this sweater solidifies my obsession.

I found this sweater when I was told that we would have a plaid day at work to celebrate the holidays. Flannels aren’t really my thing and I didn’t want to just buy one just because so I thought I would add this sweater to my shopping cart. This isn’t necessarily a Christmas sweater. But, it’s definitely festive and can be worn for the rest of the winter as well.

I literally just bought this sweater. I’m not usually one for a graphic tee or something with a big picture on it. But, I thought I’d make an exception because it’s so festive. Loft also pretty much always has a sale. So, if you’re looking to buy it and it’s not discounted, wait a few days for their next sale. It will come. J

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