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Tips I’ve Picked Up to Make Meal Prepping A Tiny Bit Less Exhausting.

First of all, you’ll need wine. Lots of it. Wine makes a lot of life’s menial moments a little bit more entertaining. But, in this situation, wine is definitely a must. I actually really like cooking. But, for some reason, cooking isn’t as fun when you have to do it and can’t make whatever you want. So, pour yourself a largeglass with me and let’s get cooking.

Most weeks, I make something different for every day. It keeps me on track and from getting bored with my healthy options. But, I’ve had weeks when I make the same thing every day and it definitely makes meal prepping a lot easier. Ultimately, it’s up to you. Do you want meal time to be less tedious? Or, meal prepping to be less tedious?

My meals usually consist of a protein and a vegetable, a protein filled snack, and a fruit. 

So, after a few months, I’ve compiled some of the things that I’ve learned that allow me to stick to my diet and make meal prepping a little bit less painful.

Write down everything that’s planned for the day. This allows me to accurately log my food throughout the day. It also keeps me on track and reminds me what to stick in my lunchbox every morning.

I only eat what I pack. Only eating what’s in my lunch box really allows me to plan what I’m putting in my body and allows for treats every so often. As opposed to grabbing a handful of leftover Halloween candy to snack on, I’ll pack one in my bag and that’s all I’ll (hopefully) eat for the day.

I set aside a whole day to plan and prep my meals. I plan out every single day, go buy my ingredients, and . Total, it takes about five hours. But, it is much more enjoyable if I’m not rushing and totally block out this time to watch a movie or binge a TV show while I’m cooking.

I keep it simple with the snacks. I make it easy on myself and focus most of my energy on preparing my main meals. I usually just opt for Greek yogurt, a green smoothie, or celery with some crunchy almond butter on the side.

I get in my veggies with smoothies. Using green juice to get my fruits and veggie servings up allows me to prepare them before and travel with them easily. Side note, green juices are also a super easy and delicious way to get your vegetables in. 

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