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Monthly Motivations – September

Looking ahead to my goals for next month, I knew exactly what I wanted to focus on.

I have yet to have a perfect week when my diet is concerned. I always end up sneaking half a cookie or a pack of gummies … a day. However, my goal next month is to stick to my diet completely for at least all business days. I have yet to do this … ever in my life. I think this is where the cheesy saying comes in: It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Although overused, it’s very true.

Diets are hard to stick to because they seem harsh and temporary once the weight is gone. But, changing my lifestyle means sticking to healthier foods preferably five to six days a week and splurging on a treat be just that, a rare splurge. 

I believe sticking to this lifestyle change has become slightly easier as I’ve tried to focus on it more. I can definitely feel myself craving healthier foods like vegetables and fruits. I do have faith that I will get there eventually. But, in the meantime, it takes creating small goals monthly to really see and feel the results of this lifestyle change.

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