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Monthly Motivations – October

My goal this month was to stick to my healthy diet for at least five days each week. But, my goal next month is to eliminate the guilt from my diet. Although I want to stay on the right track, it’s not healthy to punish yourself for decisions that, at the end of the day, could be much worse. 

I have spent years berating myself for eating foods that I don’t think I deserve to eat. But, this month, I really want to change my outlook on treats. I somehow have the inability to resist something sweet. But, I need to allow this to be acceptable. Currently, I could look at a brownie and think about all of the progress that I have made and how much I deserve a treat (even though I might have just had one yesterday). This feeling of entitlement lasts until I’ve shoved that brownie in my face. Then, the guilt sets in.

I do, sometimes, deserve a brownie. I have made huge strides in my health, fitness, and diet. And, the more I get more comfortable and disciplined with my diet, the more I will feel unapologetic when eating goodies. But, life is not perfect. I might never have weeks when I eat completely healthily. However, I need to stop punishing myself for treating myself well.

Part of this is mental and accepting myself. But, part of this is also attempting to stick to my new lifestyle so that treats don’t seem so bad. Once I get to the point where I am eating completely healthy, this will be much easier to accomplish. But, until I get there, I need to wipe the guilt away and simply begin to love myself, no matter what size I am.

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