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Monday Munchies

I’ve been trying to eat pretty clean during the week. But, Mondays are pretty hard for me because it’s tough getting back on the wagon after treating myself during the weekend. I’ve decided to start a new series to try to keep myself on track on Mondays/

Pre Breakfast 6-7 AM

I have my morning routine pretty down pat. Since working virtually, I’ve been getting up around 6 to workout or run. (But, when we return to the office, I’ll be waking up around 4:30-5.🙄) During my exercises, I try to finish a bottle of water. My water bottle is 50 oz. This is my first of the day. I try to get in at least 4 bottles of water – about 1.5 gallons.


This morning I had poached eggs. My poached egg game is getting better but it can definitely be improved. I still have a lot of “feathering” and have to work on keeping my eggs intact. But, it’s become my favorite breakfast because it’s pretty easy, has little cleanup, and is very clean.

Because I went for a run this morning, I added a carb to my breakfast. Normally I just try to stick to protein.

Lunch & Snack

Today I was starving so I ate my lunch and snack at the same time.

I had a banana and some of my favorite peanut butter. I decided on this snack because I had a major sweet craving (so much so that I was googling chocolate soufflés 😬)

This peanut butter is from the company Cape May Peanut Butter Co. and it is literally AMAZING. Pro Tip: Store it upside down and it will keep the texture consistent until you’re done with the jar. This is one of my favorite snacks because it’s super filling and satisfies my sweet tooth.

I try to have my second bottle of water finished before I finish my snack.

For my lunch, I had a tuna melt on Ezekiel Bread (some of my favorite flourless bread). I make my tuna salad with greek yogurt and cucumbers and add sharp cheddar cheese.

I usually start to fade around lunch so I grabbed a coffee from down the street. I’m trying out different local businesses around the neighborhood. This coffee is from BO’s Bagels.

Afternoon Snack

Continuing in my efforts to eat clean and because Whole Foods gave me waaay more tomatoes than I ordered, I had a tomato & cucumber salad. I add a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper.

I also had a La Croix with lemon – a drink I’ve been turning to to stop snacking.

I also finished my third bottle of water.


This is one of my favorite dinners because I absolutely love chickpeas and it’s SO EASY to make. I just added a little bit of chard, paprika, and garlic. On the side I had half a can of hearts of palm – which are an awesome snack if you’re craving something salty.

I try to finish another bottle of water by dinnertime.


I don’t always have something to eat after dinner but I had a mango that was a little past ripe (honestly the best time to eat a mango). I’m also trying to finish a bottle of rosé so I poured myself a glass to celebrate finishing the first day of the week.

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