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How My Exercise Routine Has Held Up During My Program

It hasn’t.

I have never really been a sporty person. However, I have been an avid gym goer for about five years. This summer, though, I really stepped my fitness up into high gear and was exercising about five days a week.

I went to a gym where a trainer would lead HIIT workouts and I found this workout really fun and I actually stayed with it the whole summer. Before I started this class, I would normally run every day after work. I would dread this workout every day to the point of getting nauseous until it was done. And, I wouldn’t see much of a difference in weight or muscle tone. Although the transition was slow, I did see a difference in how toned I was looking while doing these HIIT workouts. My diet was also fairly clean (besides my insane sweet tooth).

Since moving to Florida, I have lost all my fitness motivation. I order food a lot and I rarely work out. I am very tired after work and really just want to soak up my time doing the program. On my days off, I want to go to the parks and experience things that I can only do while doing the program and while being a cast member.

There is a gym that is about 15 minutes away that has three classes a day. This summer, I would normally workout at 5AM. There was a little bit of an adjustment with the Disney gym because the earliest class is at 6AM. Because of parking, I try to get to work around an hour early. The 6AM class often does not work with my schedule because of this.

The classes are also not as intense as I am used to. I used to work out for an hour. These classes are only half an hour and are not HIIT. From the schedule I looked at, the offerings seem more yoga and Pilates based. I have gone to one of them and did enjoy the workout. But, I didn’t feel like it was as hard as it could be.

As for diet, I have been meal prepping and planning. However, after a long day of running around work, if I am craving pizza, I let myself have pizza. I need to get back into the mode of craving healthy foods. My cravings for clean eating come and go. However, it is 1000x easier to order sushi than to make a full meal. When I’m running to work or coming home, it is so much simpler (and therefore is more appealing) to grab food on the go.

It’s no secret what I need to do to make myself healthier and more toned, I just need to put it into action. As for now, I am enjoying my time living in Disney World – when am I ever going to get this opportunity again?

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