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Tuesday Training – How My Workout Routine Has Changed in Quarantine

I feel like my love for fitness has been heightened during quarantine, specifically because I really don’t have anything else during my day to look forward to (other than hitting the pool). I absolutely love waking up early, starting my day, and getting exercising out of the way. In an effort to keep things interesting, I’ve been looking around for new routines and products to keep me on my toes. Here’s what I’ve been doing thus far during quarantine but I’m going to make an effort to mix it up each week and mark my progress every Tuesday.

To see my previous routine, that included working out at 5AM, take a look at my post from last year.

I started quarantine doing videos from the gym I used to go to. They were super quick to adapt to the virus and set up an online platform almost immediately. (If you’re in the Delaware area and are looking for an intense workout, this gym is awesome. Not everyone there is in impeccable shape (which is a good thing because then I fit right in 😊) so they are nonjudgmental and they provide alternative workouts to do if you have any pain or are not at the place where you can complete the exercise yet.)

These videos range from about 25 minutes to 50 minutes. For the shorter ones, I would usually do them twice or find another shorter video to accompany the first exercise.

Although I sometimes revisit these videos when I’m in the mood for a super intense workout, I kind of got out of the habit of doing them because, as quarantine got longer, I got more comfortable in my working at home routine. I started waking up later and began having to find super short videos to do or squeeze my workout in at the end of the day. This would cause me to DREAD my workout and I would end up picking the shorter videos to get them over with and I found that I was not challenging myself.

Chrissy Stanley Videos

I came across Chrissy Stanley’s videos through Carly The Prepster’s blog.

Stanley’s workouts have been SO INTENSE for me. The first one I tried was a 10 minute arm workout. I’m not usually one of those people who falls for short workouts. I think it’s important to invest time in working out. Before quarantine, I would spend 45 minutes to 2 hours a day doing HIIT workouts and occasionally running. So, when I came across this 10 minute workout, I tried it thinking I would do it a few times. But, after the first round, my arms were SHAKING and I LOVED it.

I still don’t think 10 minutes is enough time to workout in one day. So, on Arm Days (MWF), I do one of Chrissy Stanley’s Ab Workouts and I go out for a quick 1-2 mile run (or jog if you’re looking at my pace).

For the rest of the week, I focus on my legs. I really love Chrissy’s Glute Workout and I wish she had more of them. I sometimes go back to a workout from gym. But, I’ve also found another Youtuber who I’ve been loving recently.

Gabriela Bandy Videos

I’ve tried a couple of her workouts but I particularly love her Glute Workout for legs. I really love that she posts inspirational videos about how to keep weight off and few personal videos too.

On leg days, I do not run. I really try to push myself during the workout by using weights (even if the video doesn’t call for one) and doing little exercises to activate my muscles before working out. I don’t want to overdo it on my legs. However, my main goal is to feel sore the next day. If I don’t I’ll switch to another video or add more weights the next time I do it.

I’m excited to see how my fitness routine will transform when I move to NYC. I’m dying to try a couple of the gyms near my apartment (when things open back up) and am anticipating running, walking, and biking more (in an effort to stay off of public transportation during the pandemic). For a look at what I’m doing to prepare for my move, take a look at my latest post.

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