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Training Tuesday – How I Got Into (and Keep Getting Into) Running

I have been trying to get into jogging since I was in high school. I’ve picked up a few tricks here and there to make running more pleasurable for me. I still don’t run that far. BUT, I do try to make an effort to run often (about four times a week).

  1. Finding the Right Time to Start Training. I find it much easier and more enjoyable to run in the Summer. I absolutely love Summer weather and actually really enjoy being a little toasty and would much rather be sweating buckets than shivering even slightly. So, I got the most difficult part of running out of the way – starting the habit – during the time of year that I hate doing it the least. I’m hoping that the habit will transfer over into the colder months even though I absolutely hate being outside in the cold.
  2. Changing Your Mindset. I just recently started thinking about jogging in a different way. I have about an eleven minute mile time (I know, don’t make fun!). I used to go out on a run and have my running app notify me every time I hit a quarter mile. My target was to keep running until I hit my goal for that day. My mind just didn’t work this way, though and I always ended up walking before I hit my goal. I HATED waiting and waiting for the app to finally tell me that I reached my final mile. I decided to switch my goal around. Instead of jogging until I hit my destination, I would jog until I hit my time goal. If I wanted to run 2 miles, I would set a time for 22 minutes. I would try to run until my timer went off. I found this much easier to follow because 22 minutes isn’t that long. It made me go into the workout thinking it wouldn’t be that difficult as opposed to dreading it. Finding a good way to think about it will help you reach your jogging goals.
  3. Giving Yourself a Reward. I always motivate myself by giving myself time to complete a fun or relaxing activity after my run (which I know will be even more enjoyable knowing that my workout is finished for the day). Maybe it would be buying myself something I’ve had my eye on if I complete my goals for a month. Or, letting myself sit down and watch an episode of a show I’m watching when I get back from my run (which is usually not something I do in the middle of the day.).
  4. Relishing Your Hard Work. I absolutely love the feeling of an intense run (after it’s finished 😂). As gross as it sounds, I love coming back, dripping sweat, needing to chug my water. It makes my day so much better and, instead of being ashamed when I look at my step counter for the rest of the day, I feel proud. I relish the feeling of my sore muscles and my burning throat throughout the day and these are the things that get me out of bed and strapping on my running shoes if nothing else does.
  5. Creating a Routine and Getting Excited About It. I am definitely a routine oriented person and I don’t have to work hard to get myself excited for a schedule. I love making a list of the things I want to accomplish for the day and checking them off one by one. May be strange, but it makes me feel like an adult. I add running into my routine, usually early in the mornings before it gets too hot outside. I then plan things that I need to get done right after my run to keep my day moving. At night, I look forward to my routine and completing the tasks I’ve planned for myself.

My journey to making a habit of running is definitely still ongoing. However, I get better and better at completing my goals every year and am excited to see where I’ll be by this time next summer.

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