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Training Tuesday – How My Fitbit has Changed My Lifestyle Forever

I have gone from someone who didn’t really want to buy a Fitbit, just looking to see what all of the fuss was about, to someone who will drive home from work because I forget to put it back on after my shower. I am literally in love with my Fitbit.

Because I was not completely sold on the benefits of using the product, I bought the cheapest one, the Fitbit Inspire. Along with the rubber, black band that came with the Fitbit, I also bought a cheap leather band off of Amazon to use when I would need to dress it up a little bit. Online, the band looks a little tacky. But, after wearing it, it blends in with other bracelets easily. I’ve also worn it multiple days at a time and it has never hurt the skin on my wrist or had the color wear off.

The product comes with an accompanying app which interprets all of your data and statistics and spits it back out to you in readable terms. It tracks your sleep, food and water intake, exercise, calories out, steps and distance, heartrate, weight loss, and your period and fertility windows. Some Fitbits also track the flights of stairs you climb, although mine does not.

On the day to day, I can truly say that my Fitbit has changed my life in so many different ways. Firstly, I have set a goal on the app to walk 250+ steps 10 hours a day. Working at a desk, this really shows me how possible it is for me to walk very little every day. Every hour when I receive the reminder to walk, I realize that I hadn’t even walked 250 steps that whole hour, about 3 minutes of walking max. It points out how much of a sedimentary lifestyle I have adopted, which is a huge shock coming from working at Disney, where I was on my feet all day, every day.

My Fitbit has also made me realize how many calories I burn each day, resting and active. Previously, when trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, I did not taking resting calories burnt into account. I would track my food and try to exercise to burn off all of the food that I had eaten. I wasn’t realizing that I was burning calories while sleeping, sitting and even eating. This meant that I was eating way too little and exercising way too much. To learn more about my past mistakes with extreme exercising and dieting, look here.

My food intake has changed too. I track everything that I eat (except on the weekends, when I don’t even want to know the data is of the things I am putting in my body). I have had this practice for a while. But, the Fitbit allows me to see my food intake in relation to my exercise and calories burned. Like other dieting apps, it also allows me to see the breakdown of carbs, sugars, and proteins in my day. My goal is to have mostly protein. But, I have yet to find the perfect daily diet that helps me reach this goal. A lot of the foods I eat that are low in calorie and high in protein but have a high fat content, foods like eggs and Greek yogurt.

The last thing that my Fitbit does for me is keeps me from going too insane with dieting and exercising. I have history of pushing myself too far only to lose my motivation because it is too difficult to maintain an extreme lifestyle. The app has a blue zone, green zone and red zone: too little calories, just enough calories, and too many calories. This is all in relation to how many calories I have burned. It allows me to see, at the end of the day, if I should make a low calorie choice or eat something a little bit more filling.

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