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Super Warm Professional Clothes

As Winter is wrapping up, I’m reflecting on what I’m most excited for in the Summer. My main source of excitement is not having to bundle up all day erryday, obviously. But, I guess sometimes Winter outfits can be cute too. My main tip when dressing for Winter is to stay comfortable. But, when doing this, you don’t have to look drab. I’ve compiled some of my go-to, super cozy, yet professional, outfits.

Scarf: Old Aerie Blanket Scarf (SimilarSimilarSimilar)

Belt: Old Rebecca Minkoff (Similar)

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Flats: Anthropologie

This is a SUPER comfy, warm outfit. And, because the scarf is the main attraction, it’s completely ok to wear leggings. The shoes dress it up as well.

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Leggings: Old H&M (Similar)

Shoes: Old Sole Society (Similar)

This is another leggings outfit that doesn’t really come off right away as being such. These old Sole Society shoes are my favorites for simple outfits to add a bit of a pop. I also love that they’re cheetah but not. The cheetah fade is going to pass. But, these can hopefully go beyond the trend.

Blazer: Old J. Crew (Similar)

Turtleneck:J. Crew

Bow: J. Crew

Leggings: Loft

Flats: Taryn Rose

ANOTHER leggings outfit. Can you tell I wear a lot of leggings to work? I think it’s so easy to make leggings look somewhat put together. In the Winter, leggings are 100% my go-to because who wants to be cold AND shoved into jeans?

Jacket: Old Nordstrom Rack (Similar / Similar)

Blouse: Banana Republic

Skirt: Lulu’s

Boots: Nordstrom

This is one of my favorite warm professional outfits. It’s definitely one of my dressier ones and I would probably wear this to an interview or on a day that’s meeting heavy. I wouldn’t say I would use the word cozy to describe how this outfit looks at all. But, it’s very deceiving in that way.

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Pants: Vineyard Vines

Shoes: Old Taryn Rose (Similar / Similar)

First of all, can I just officially and publicly state my appreciation for the French tuck? I love the classicness of this outfit and that it allows me to bring Christmas with me in the later months of Winter. I think quite a few people would only wear these trousers during the holiday season. But, I love Christmas too much to not wear these as often as I can. This outfit is also pure comfort. The pants are in the softest fabric. This sweater is super soft and cozy as well. And, all Taryn Rose shoes are like walking on a cloud.

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