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Sunday Shopping – Stores I Browse for Preppy Looks

I find it hard to pinpoint my style. It honestly depends on how I’m feeling that day and what influences I’ve recently had. If I’m watching a certain show and I’m digging their style, I’ll start to put together outfits that fit that theme for a couple weeks until I’m influenced by something else. But, I always seem to gravitate back to the classic style that is almost timeless. An aspect of this style is preppiness.

I have my go-to stores for preppy, classic styles. I’ve picked a few pieces from some of these stores that I would buy and would fit into my idea of preppiness.

Of course:

I could look at a J. Crew catalog from 1992 and still find pieces that I would fall in love with and incorporate into my wardrobe today. Their products are timeless yet trendy. They keep their designs modern by switching up their colors, patterns, and shapes. But, at the heart of every piece is true simplicity, which never goes out of style.

My love for Brooks Brothers started in high school and I’ve incorporated many of their pieces into my wardrobe since then. I love that they’re understated preppy and almost carry an air of professionalism even through their most casual pieces.

I just recently discovered Tuckernuck and ABSOLUTELY love it. It’s so feminine and classic but, like J. Crew, they add a modern twist to a lot of their pieces. Their brand is so distinct and it’s so easy to see a product and know it’s Tuckernuck.

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