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Sunday Shopping – My Search for Americorp Uniform Items.

I will be doing a year with Americorp’s City Year starting in a few weeks. Because we are working in schools, there seems to be a fairly strict dress code and uniform. In order to comply, I will be wearing a City Year polo and black pants and shoes. I have a pair of black pants but wanted to stock up on a few more so that I’m not constantly doing laundry or wearing dirty clothes.

Loft is one of my FAVORITE places to shop for pants because I’m fairly short and it’s always so difficult for me to find pants that fits correctly. But, their trousers always fit me pretty well.

I, of course, do not want to just pick up a pair of boring pants. As a lover of fashion, I’m already feeling restricted by the polo but I love the challenge of trying to make a basic polo my own and fit it into my wardrobe.

I have a couple basic pairs:


I absolutely love the shape of these. They’re a little boxy so they look super classic when paired with a pointed flat.


These are SO comfy and soft. They are super stretchy so they feel almost like I’m wearing leggings. They do have a tighter fit, though, and show everything that leggings might.

And then I found a few that would add a little bit more flair (and flare 😉) to the outfit:


I love the look of paper bag pants. I think they’re so flattering on every body type. I love these because it’s like I’m wearing sweats to work.


I’m currently obsessed with culettes. This is when Loft’s petit sizes come in handy. In order for culettes to be flattering, they need to hit your leg at the perfect spot. Loft offers so many sizes that it’s so easy to find one that works for you.


These are so sunny and adorable. I wouldn’t necessarily buy these in black if I didn’t need this color for work. I think these trousers would be so much cuter in a more summery color.

In order to carry my personal through to my uniform, I’m also going to add interesting accessories.

Firstly, I started looking for shoes that are both comfortable and attention-grabbing.

I found a few cute pairs of shoes:


Guys! These are so cheap and so comfy. They are super classic looking and I’m envisioning wearing them with the boxy pants above.


I absolutely love the heel on these shoes. They’re so unique and interesting with a classic flair.


I love how 90s this shoe is. It reminds me of something Elizabeth James would have worn in the Parent Trap (but, of coursein cream!).

Next, I focused on jewelry:

I’m not a huge jewelry fan, actually. I have never really been drawn to it and am more interested to classic, simple looks. But, when you’re restricted clothing-wise, jewelry is a fun way to pep things up a bit. With that being said, I’m more likely to wear simpler pieces in keeping with my natural style. But, I love the look of the chunky and unique earrings that are on trend right now.



These earrings, although are fairly trendy, have an element of classicness that I love. The first pair have delicate lines which I really love the look of and the second bring in tortoiseshell which is a super timeless design.

I also love a good statement necklace, especially when used to dress up an outfit. If I wear a necklace like this, I most likely will not wear any other jewelry.


This necklace is super organic and gorgeous in a simple and unique way. I’m excited to see what distinctiveness this will bring to my uniform. 

Of course, facemasks:

I’m not sure if we will be meeting in person this year. But, I love the idea of having facemasks to go add to my outfit.

J. Crew


And, last but not least, hair accoutrements:

I absolutely LOVE Anthro for accessories, but specifically for headbands and hair clips. Their patterns are so fun and unique and really add to an outfit. That’s why I thought it was the perfect place to look for accessories to liven up a boring uniform. Below are some of the cutest ones I found.





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