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My Christmas Wishlist

Pretty much every year, I only have clothes on my Christmas Wishlist. This year, I’m trying to broaden my horizons and add a few extra items. But, the real surprise here will be to see if I don’t buy these items for myself before Christmas even hits.

BLONDO BOOTS – I’ve heard great things about how comfy Blondo shoes are so that fact alone sealed the deal for me to put these on my Christmas list.

CASHMERE SWEATER – J. Crew has so many colors in this sweater. It is such a classic that, if I don’t get it as a gift this year, I might have to bite the bullet and buy it for myself . . . in all of the colors (especially black).

SUZE NECKLACE – This necklace is so beautiful and elegant while also making a statement. For so long, I’ve been looking for an outfit maker that’s also understated.

DOLCE VITA MULES – First of all, I pretty much love any of Dolce Vita designs. But, I particularly love these because they are easing my into the cheetah trend by combine my love for mules with an elegant semi-cheetah pattern.

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