Favorite Stores

I love shopping and anything to do with fashion. But, because I have school and I don’t have a car at my disposal at all times, I am a big online shopper. I have always loved to online shop, mainly because for the past 6 years, I have gone to schools that require laptops in most of my classes so shopping is what I turned to when the discussion wasn’t holding my attention (shh!).

Some of my favorite stores to browse on are:

Free People — because everything is so unique and detailed and just gorgeous.

Urban Outfitters — when I need something really cool.

Anthropologie — because everything is just so pretty and unique and their candles smell SO good.

Nordstrom (my BIGGEST guilty pleasure)

Madewell and J.Crew — because everything is really simple and sleek, yet really good quality and it has a very masculine but feminine look.

Loft — just basic things like t-shirts, corduroys, and sweaters.

And, Henri Bendel, for jewelry and little accessories that have a lot of glam.

It’s really helpful to me to have a list on my computer of all the places I love to look at because usually I’m just looking because I’m bored and I want to avoid thinking at all costs.


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