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When I am 80 Years Old . . .

I have always been pretty good at balancing my school work with my other activities and never feel like I am missing out on anything crucial with my friends or any other experiences. I think that is because I am very proactive and I try not to leave any work that I have until the last minute. I am also very realistic with my time. I know that an assignment will take a certain amount of time and I leave myself a slot in order to get it done efficiently. Here, I am not having a more difficult time planning, per say, but I am more aware of the choices I have to make.

I know that I only have a few months with the people I have met and to accomplish all of the things I wanted to do abroad so I am prioritizing socializing and traveling over school work. I understand that my work is more important but I always look at life in the mindset that I need to be happy with what I accomplished when I am 80 years old and I am looking back on my life. I know that I will remember the fun times that I had and the places that I went over the grade I got on one of my papers.

That does not mean that I am completely disregarding my school work. I do believe my grades are very important and I want to do well. But, because I also really enjoy being alone, I am very productive with my alone time and use it to relax and get my assignments finished. I believe it is better for me to just get my homework done as opposed to dreading doing it for days and days until I have to rush to complete it.

I am not the type of person to let my need to get good grades overpower my life and I value experiences over pieces of paper and I like that I am that way. Hopefully at the end of the semester I will not regret it!

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