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What Kind of Study Abroad Experience Do I Want?

I am at about the halfway point of my semester abroad and I am really loving it. I am still trying to decide if I want to travel more. Everyone really stressed the importance of traveling on me before I left. The only problem is that I am really loving dorm life here. I find myself not getting very excited when I have a trip planned, although I always have fun.

Some of the study abroad girls are traveling to amazing places every weekend, which sounds awesome but that is a lot of time, money, and living out of suitcases. They do get to see new and interesting things and have once in a lifetime experiences, which is something I want to do too.

But, these girls are in different situations than I am. They live with mostly Americans in very secluded dorms while I am living in a house with British people and am learning what college life is like here (hint: it includes a lot of drinking).



I feel somewhat bad every time I am about to leave on a trip because I feel like I might miss something in the house. But, I am scared that when I get home, I will be upset that I did not travel more.

I am also having a hard time balancing my work in the mix. My roommate and I are third years at home but we are living with all first years (although some of them are older than normal freshmen). I knew it was going to be a lot of work because that is the natural progression of work in college but, it seems like our work load is amplified by the first year’s lack of work.

It is a balancing act between completing my work, traveling, and creating friendships and I am sure I will not be upset with how I spent my time when I get home.

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