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Weather Struggle

I’ve really tried looking nice these past few days because I really enjoy fashion and I absolutely love autumn clothes more than anything. But, the weather has been HORRIBLE. I dread picking out my outfit every morning and being a private-school-lifer, I have never had to dress for bad weather. It’s been so rainy and the weather can’t decide which way to go.

It either wants to be hot and then cold or hot and rainy. I get very cold very easily but I don’t like being hot. So, I have no idea what to wear. My favorite kind of outfit for the hot/cold bipolarness is a maxi skirt because it keeps me cozy while also letting air in.

But, with the rain I am sooooo uncomfortable. My skirts keep getting really wet at the bottom and it sticks to me and then I look like a complete idiot. The past few weeks, sometimes there are days I change my outfit up to like, three times a day. It’s ridiculous.

I’m just hoping the weather chooses a side and I can stick to one outfit a day like a normal person.


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