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Transitioning to Post Grad

The Disney College Program was basically my way of extending college a little bit longer. I loved having the chance to experience of living with other people and having more of a college lifestyle, even after graduation. During the program, I was surrounded by others who were motivated, excited about their future, and interested in the same things as me. We all enjoyed the nightlife in Orlando, were stressed about planning our futures, and were constantly taking advantage of basically living in Disney World.

Since coming home, my life has changed drastically. Almost immediately, I got a job processing payments for a company that handles business domains. It is hopefully the first step of a career in … well, I’m not sure yet. I have just gone from working 50 hours a week, on my feet all day, sometimes starting my shifts as late as 4PM to sitting at a desk all day, working 8 to 5. I was working with mostly people around my age and now my coworkers are in all walks of life.

As my first month of working an office jobs closes, I can say that I have slid into my new routine pretty easily. I work out every morning at 5AM and try to go to bed before 10PM. I get excited for the weekends when I have nothing planned and catch up on quality time with my family on the weekdays. So far, I am enjoying it. However, there are times when I yearn for a more sporadic, spontaneous lifestyle.

Experiencing two completely opposite living and working environments so close together has taught me a lot of things. I am now even more uncertain about which path I would like to go down for my career. Do regular hours provide a comfortable pattern or is a more unconventional schedule something that I am more interested in? Do I want to spend my life behind a desk or be more interactive with people.

One huge aspect of working at Disney that I truly miss is having the chance to impact someone’s day, even if it was just in a small way. I have yet to have that opportunity in the position I am in now. However, I always try to look on the bright side. I am constantly finding new and amazing things about my current job.

The transition between my two jobs has been shocking and sudden, as is the transition from college life to living in the real world. That’s just what it is, though. A transition. I am confident that I will feel more comfortable in time and eventually be more capable of deciding what exactly I am looking for in a career.

I am so excited for my future and am so grateful for my current job and my time at Disney. I can use both drastically different experiences to help me decide what my future has in store.

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