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Transition to Studying Abroad

Now that I have finished my first week of classes, I have had time to look back and reflect on my transition to studying abroad. I decided to use my blog to document my time here so I can look back and remember my time here. I am currently studying in Twickenham, England at St. Mary’s University. I originally picked England because I thought it would be an easy transition and there is no language barrier. So far, the transition has been pretty seamless but with a few bumps.

My dad brought me over and we stayed a few days in Teddington before I had to be at school. It was like a mini vacation and I got to do all of the things that college kids can’t pay for on their own.

Afternoon Tea at Corinthia
Afternoon Tea at Corinthia

My dad and I got to spend a lot of time together which was really nice. Because I am one of five kids and I am in school, I do not get a ton of one on one time with my parents unless I am on a break from school.

MacBeth at The Globe
MacBeth at The Globe

Once school started, I think reality set in that I would be there for a few months and that my dad was leaving. This is such an exciting adventure but I realized that the people I had met were the people I was going to be with and the room I was in was where I was going to live for the next few months.

But once all of the students moved in, I felt a lot better. Although I am a Junior, I am living in Freshman housing — which is kind of nice because everyone is meeting new people, as opposed to me having to move into a house that knows each other already. That also means I got to experience all of the things Freshman, or first years, do here. Freshers Week. It is basically a week of drinking and going to clubs every night which I really liked but it has taken a toll on all of us.

This experience is so different from home. The things about freshers week that I am still getting used to are: going out with my Senior Resident (this would never happen at home), buying alcohol without being nervous my fake will get taken, getting into a club without being nervous my fake will be taken, drinking openly on campus, literally drinking on campus (at the bar).

I would not recommend drinking every night because now we are all sick with the plague. A few of us seem worse than others but we all have coughs and runny noses. This has made my first week of class great.

But, what I am really loving about the classes here are they actually seem interesting. I am genuinely excited to go to my classes because they are all engaging (my classes are Women in America, Disney Business, and London Theatre — I also have an internship which I am really excited to start). The classes are also only held once a week which I am LOVING. They are longer but I seem to have so much more free time. One thing I am nervous for are the papers. At home, they tell you that college grades are made up of only two or three assignments but I have not found that so far. Here, it is actually true. I have only one or two papers for each of my classes and that is it. I am excited to start managing my work and I’m sure it will be fine.

I miss my family sometimes, which I am sure they would be happy to know. I have two siblings who are a lot younger than me sometimes I feel like I am missing out on important things in their lives but I know that this is such a great opportunity that I should just fully immerse myself in it.


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