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Spicy Halloween

For Halloween this year, my friends and I decided to be the Spice Girls. I think we all just naturally fit our person, so there was no fighting over who wanted to be who or anything like that. Getting the costumes was super fun because we didn’t just dress up in some cheesy buyable costume, we actually built our costume on our own.

It was also a bonding experience because we helped each other and when each of us found something or part of our costume came in the mail, we all got really excited and freaked out for each other. I think things like this really help a friend group (especially a new one) bond.



As we got ready, we watched Spice World, which got us in the Spice Girl mood. We did each others’ makeup and hair and had so much fun.



I did my hair in “half”-pigtails with pink scrunchies and I wore a velvet Urban dress which made me feel like Hallie from My Date with the President’s Daughter. IMG_5086

Don’t I look exactly like her?

It was a super fun night and although it did not turn out how we were expecting it to, I don’t think I will forget our adventures.

IMG_5090 IMG_5091

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