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This weekend, my friends and I just kind of hung out and I thought this weekend was going to be the hardest to get through but it actually went really quickly.

I thought it was going to be difficult because we have two more weekends until Thanksgiving (next weekends the last one!). I know next weekend I’ll just be really excited to go home so that would get me through but I was a little worried about this weekend. To combat that, I asked my family to come down today and although I only saw them for a few hours, it was really, really nice.


My main goal was to try to stay at school from fall break to Thanksgiving break (a total of 6 weeks). I’m in the home stretch now and just have 9 more days to go. I’m really excited I actually made it through my goal because I didn’t think I could. And, I think it has really, really helped me with my homesickness. I know now that I can stay here for an extended period of time and I will survive (and have fun!!!!).

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