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Roommate Pairing Trouble That I Ran Into On My Program

I first applied for the college program with my friend from high school, Ashley. Before I even got into the program, I had decided that I wanted to go random with my rooming situation. I had just spent the last year of college as an RA with my own room. I had also previously had a random roommate, when I returned to school after studying abroad, and it worked out. I have a strong belief that everything happens for the best and I was hoping that this program’s rooming situation would be the same. My thinking process was that rooming separately from Ashley would just allow me a chance to meet even more people.

However, that belief was quickly squashed when I heard horror stories of roommates and certain apartments and complexes. I didn’t look too closely into it, but I’m pretty sure that you can’t choose your apartment complex if you are not connected with roommates. This is because you are not able to choose anything as Disney places you anywhere that they can fit you. It is my understanding that, by not choosing a room or roommates, you are likely to live in non-alcohol apartments, smaller capacity apartments with higher rent, or worse apartment complexes. Again, Disney could have a method that gives those who wish to go random more choices in their apartment selection. I did not look too deeply into this option because facing those possibilities ignited my anxieties.

I was very thankful that Ashley would have me as her roommate although I turned her down the first time. She did most of the leg work in finding us four other roommates to live with. These fellow CPs had to have the same start date as us. The six of us had been texting for most of the summer and were eagerly awaiting move-in so we could finally meet.

However, about two weeks before we were scheduled to arrive, we received an email stating that we were allowed to link up with our roommates and declare our housing preferences. But, it only permitted us to pair with one other person. After weeks of getting to know the girls we were hoping to room with, Ashley and I ended up pairing together and hoping for the best. We had no way of knowing who our new roommates were, or if we even had any (which would translate to extremely high rent), until we arrived at the apartment on move-in day.

It turns out that, knock on wood, everything does work out for the best. Because, so far, being placed in this apartment has been amazing. I have seven wonderful roommates and we all get along extremely well. Our rent is low, too, which makes the situation even sweeter. My initial wish came true: I was able to meet more people and make more friends, but in a different way than I originally thought.


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