Post Fall Break Goal

I talked to some of my friends who are already in school and they told me to stay as long as possible without going home, that this makes adjusting to school easier. But, I had a lot of things with my family that I had to go home and also a lot of moments of weakness when I just had to go home.

I set a goal for myself to stay at school until fall break. But, that did not work out. So, now, after being home for fall break, I have set a new goal to stay until Thanksgiving. I have a little more than 5 weeks until then and surprisingly, I’m doing fine.

I have a very close group of friends and I am fine with staying with them. I don’t feel alone anymore and I’m glad I’m starting to feel at home. I do miss my family and my ability to get in the car anytime to see my friends. But, I really think I can last.


Another thing I have missed is working. My parents give me money but I had money saved for school. I feel bad for asking for more money. I don’t know if it’s just this week, but I’ve spent a lot of money lately and it gives me a lot of anxiety to know I have a serious budget when I’m used to just buying what I want. I’ve never felt so anxious about money before.

But, other than those things, I feel like I will be able to accomplish my goal and I know I’m starting to feel better and become more accustomed to living here.

Although I am glad I have a date to look forward to, I’m glad it’s kind of far away so that I HAVE to stay and get more used to being here, relying on myself, spending time with my friends, and knowing it’s ok to be alone sometimes.


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