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Online Shopping Tips I Have Collected From My Lifetime of Addiction (…ahem I mean shopping)

I have always loved shopping. But, when I began online shopping in high school, my love for the activity grew. If I wasn’t doing homework or hanging out with friends, I was shopping. This is how I relaxed. I love fashion and putting outfits together and online shopping allowed me to see more items in a shorter amount of time.

Tabs are your best friend.

A trick I learned many moons ago is to open each item in its own tab. This saves time and allows you to keep your place on the previous page. That way, you don’t have to scroll all the way down to where you were every time you want to look at an item more closely.

Three outfits per piece.

In order to save money andspace in my closet, I try to only purchase items that I could pair with items that I already own. I try to create at least three outfits with the piece I am looking at along with other items that are already in my closet. If I need to buy more pieces to make the outfit work, I try to discourage myself from buying the item.

Remembering what’s in your cart.

I have the habit of putting a large number of items in my cart. Each piece that I like, that fits the Three Outfit Rule, I add to my cart so that I can keep track of it. However, another rule that I have is to only purchase items that I remember being in my cart. If I am ready to make a purchase, I think about which pieces are in my cart. If I don’t remember some of the items, I take that as a sign that I don’t really needs them.

Treating Yourself.

This rule is twofold. I think it is really important to treat yourself. If you have been working hard, and you have reached goals that you have set for yourself, you deserve something special.

I also think it is important to treat yourself to good quality items. You deserve to wear pieces that are well made and will last a long time. This can also, most times, be very financially responsible. It can be thought that buying cheaper items saves money. However, most cheap items show their value after just a few uses. Treat yourself to something that you can wear time and time again without needing to go on the hunt for a replacement.

Use sites with good return policies.

One of my favorite shopping sites is Nordstrom. Not only is it a one stop shop, for it carries a variety of quality products, Nordstrom’s return policy is very understanding of busy and hectic lifestyles. It does not have a time limit on the returns that are accepted. On the opposite side of this, I have purchased items with sites that have very strict return policies. This causes a lot of stress. Along with treating yourself to good quality pieces, you deserve a less taxing shopping experience.

Google the item.

When shopping online, I find it really helpful to google the item that I am looking at, especially if it is particularly expensive. I am then able to see if another store has the item on sale or if any discount sites are selling the piece.

This also really helps for pieces that I really like, but am unable to find my size in. The shopping tool on Google allows me to see other stores carrying the item or similar items that the designer may have now released.

Filter by size.

Whether I am looking for a particular item or just browsing, before I start, I always add my size into the filter section. I hate the feeling of really liking an item but not being able to get it because they do not have my size. This way, I do not see any pieces that they do not have in my size.

No similar items.

This is a tip for only the true shopaholics. I have, many a time, fallen in love with a product that is extremely similar to a piece that I already own. Although I feel as though I need this item, I always need to tell myself that buying this product would be a waste of money. A rule that I have now is that I do not buy pieces that even slightly resemble an item that I already own.

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