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Inspections in Chatham

I am writing post program. However, this was a topic that I wanted to cover because I found it really hard to find information on it before I got to Disney. While I was living in Chatham, I was living in an apartment with seven other girls. It was four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Our rent want about $115 a week.

Our first inspection, it was a little difficult to coordinate with everyone in the apartment about what should be done and how we were going to accomplish it. Two of our roommates had already done the program and it was really helpful getting their advice on what Disney looks for when they walk through the apartments.

There are a few things that I remember that they told us to prepare for and that they documented if we did or did not have done. However, just remember that each aspect of inspection is just a box that they check off. If a good amount of your apartment is fairly clean, you should be ok.

Beds Must Be Made

I was home during our inspection and was sitting in bed. They did not document me for my bed being unmade. However, they did document one of my roommates for not having hers made. I’m pretty sure most of us passed this section.

The Kitchen Must Be Clean

Because our kitchen was a common space, we all worked together to keep it clean. However, it was eight girls sharing a very small space. A lot of the time, someone was cooking while they were rushing to work or very late when they came home from work. It was not the cleanest place in our apartment. However, we did pass this section. They expect for all dishes to be clean, all old food to be thrown away, and all trash to be taken out (this includes other spaces in the apartment as well). I am pretty sure that we passed this section.

Everything Must Be Working

The women that came in checked our stove burners, the oven, our taps in our sinks and showers, our toilets, and our light switches. If there are any problems, I would suggest putting in a maintenance request. Everything in our apartment was working so we did not get in trouble for anything. However, I am not sure what the consequences are for undocumented broken parts of the apartment.

All of the Floors Must Be Clean

I actually was not aware of this requirement until we got our score back from housing. All but one of the rooms in our apartment failed this category. I am an avid online shopper and my roommate and I had a clean floor, despite one box that had come that day. Once again, my shopping addiction proves that it is not doing anything good for me.

In my apartment, we all had a fairly good relationship. Everyone pitched in where we could and we all really liked each other. I had kind of thought that, although we prepared pretty well for inspections, whoever happened to be home, would pick up a little bit so that we wouldn’t get in trouble. However, the inspection went extremely fast. Two women came in and were out in probably under ten minutes. I went to go make my roommate’s bed for her but, they had already checked her room.

Overall, our apartment did not meet a level that I would claim was particularly “clean and organized”. This includes common and personal spaces. However, we passed and we did not get fined.

There are two inspections in Disney housing. However, we had a new roommate move in a couple weeks before inspections started. For this new roommate, a cleaning room came in to clean the whole apartment. During the second round of inspections, nobody came to our place. I am not sure if this is customary or if it was just because we did not have any major issues when the cleaning crew came in.

NOW, here are a few terrible pictures from the day we moved out. We all look disgusting and we’re missing a few roomies.

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