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I’m Addicted to Netflix

I’ve realized since being here that subscribing to Netflix was probably the worst thing I could possibly do. If I want to procrastinate I don’t have to wait for my favorite show to come on or buy one on iTunes, IT’S JUST ON ALL OF THE TIME. I have access to all of these distractions!! It requires a lot of willpower to stay focused.

My new favorite show on Netflix is Gilmore Girls. But, some of my other favorites are:


The Office

The Carrie Diaries

Parks and Recreation

Mad Men

And How I Met Your Mother.

There are just a few of my timewasters.

But, as horrible as it is having to pause Netflix and work on my homework, Netflix is also the best thing that has ever been invented. And, even though it’s taking me a lot longer to write this than it normally would because Lorelai Gilmore just made a witty joke I had to take a few seconds to laugh at, I would gladly take a little longer to do things because Netflix just makes everything so much more fun!


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