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Freshman Fifteen Fears

I have been eating really unhealthily lately. And, because of my Charget trips, I always go to Target STARVING! So I’m always shopping for food hungry which I heard somewhere that that is something you are not supposed to do. Another reason I’m feeling bad about what I eat is because I’m basically living out of a microwave.

My friend and I went to Target the other day and I was like “Oh! I want some cake!” and we immediately started looking for the microwavable cakes that even the commercial can’t make look appealing.

I’ve been trying to eat a little healthier, though, now that I’m conscious of how bad I’ve been lately. I tried Annie’s “easy mac” type mac and cheese which is less calories and “organic”. I’ve also been eating more fruits as snacks and not fruit snacks.

My main goal is to start drinking water more because drinking water is something I have never done and I think with everything I’ve been eating, it might be a good idea to start doing things I’ve never done before.

Another one of those things would be working out. Most of the dorms have gyms in them and I think I should probably start taking advantage of that.

I don’t expect to lose weight, but I don’t want to gain any either!


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