College,  Philly


Sunday was the first time my friends and I went to the city. This was one of the main reasons why I picked St. Joe’s. I loved how easy it is to get to Philly. We went to this restaurant called Opa on Sansom street. It was greek and delicious. We shared a lot of food so we tried a few dishes.

The energy around the city was crazy, the Eagles had just won and everyone was celebrating. SO MANY EAGLES JERSEYS. And, a few brave soles reppin the Redskins. I really don’t know what’s going on with football but the game really energized the city and everyone seemed so excited!

20140921_172017 We then went to Love Park, which was so cute!


Then we walked to Spruce Street Park, which was a pop-up park. It was so adorable and the perfect way to end the summer!

photo 3-8

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