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Breakdown of My First Days of the Disney College Program

This month has gone by extremely fast. Here’s a breakdown of the move-in, training process, work schedule, and days off.

In order to get here, I took the Amtrak auto train. Since I’m from the Philly area, it allowed me to get my car here without putting all of the miles on it. On the train, we had a bed and shower in our cabin – that’s also something I couldn’t get in my Bug. After a somewhat jostled night, I arrived to checkin at my housing complex.

My Siblings Waving Me Goodbye

I am currently living in Chatham Square with seven other roommates. Beforehand, we were given our apartment complex and number. However, unless you’re able to pick your roommates (you can find my post here about my rollercoaster of a roommate search), you do not know who and how many people you are living with until you get there. I, luckily went through all of this with my friend from high school, Ashley. We were able to choose each other as roommates.

Later that day, we were scheduled to go to Casting to fill out some forms and get fingerprinted.

The next day we had our housing meeting at which we learned the rules for Disney housing as well as the amenities and events it offered. This meeting lasted only about an hour and led to a week that was pretty full of free time. The next scheduled event that I needed to go to was Traditions at Disney University and that was three days later. In this time, we bonded as roommates and all went out to a bar called Ibar. Some CPs were given their training schedules. Mine was emailed to me. I was scheduled to continue training the next day at Disney University with a class called Operations. We learned more about the company as an overview and delved deeper into the rules and regulations in the food and beverage department (you can learn more about my experience in the Seater Role here).

The next day of training was at Hollywood Studios, where I am posted. I was looking forward to seeing the park and the restaurant where I would be spending most of my time during the program. This training was called ‘On With the Show’. A group of other food and beverage cast members who hired to work in Hollywood Studios learned about and toured the park.

My first days at Hollywood and Vine were a whirlwind. But, I am happy to say, I am gradually getting more comfortable with working there and the Seater position. Everyone who works there is so friendly, welcoming, and helpful. I have noticed that, in general, with Disney employees. Most of them are happy to be working for the company and making magic at whichever location they are posted at.

Below are just a few more pictures from my first couple of days in Disney.

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